Waterpower Week in Washington 2017 welcomes you to Washington, DC! If the city's Capitol skyline isn’t enough to woo you to this fine city, its vast variety of fantastic dining establishments, top notch entertainment options and choice accommodations are sure to reel you in.

Hotel info and booking

Hotel Info and Booking

We have partnered up with the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC to make your hotel booking process seamless and enjoyable. Online housing and additional reservation information is now available.

Capital Hilton

Event Center Information

The Capital Hilton is Washington's most prestigious and popular convention space. Find in this section information about the city, hotels, transportation/arrival, parking and accessibility assistance. 

International Travel

International Travel

We know traveling is difficult, and international travel can be even more so. Visit this section to find more information to make international travel a little easier. 

What's in Tulsa

What's in the Area?

Looking for something fun to do in Washington DC? That's easy! After a day's conference sessions and networking, experience a variety of recreational activities, attractions, the arts, dining, shopping, nightlife, sports and more. 

Dining in Washington

Dining in Washington DC

Washington DC is a staple city when it comes to food. Explore local specialties including fine dining dining, wine and spirits, food trucks, desserts and coffee.