Register for NHA WaterPower Week

The official hotel of the National Hydropower Association's Waterpower Week in Washington is the Capital Hilton: Capital Hilton | 1001 16th Street, NW | Washington DC, 20036

It is recommended you book directly through the Capital Hilton for your reservations.  

The hotel rate is $345.00 Single/Double occupancy.  The Rate cut off date is March 23, 2016.  Rates cannot be guaranteed after the block is full or the cut-off date.


HOUSING ALERT: Capital Hilton is the only hotel company affiliated with National Hydropower Association's Waterpower Week in Washington Conference.  While other hotel resellers may contact you offering rooms, they are not endorsed by or affiliated with NHA's Waterpower Week in Washington.  Entering into financial agreements with such companies can have costly consequences, so please help report unauthorized solicitations to Lisa Gasaway at

Capital Hilton, Washington D.C.

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Traveling to the United States

If you are traveling to the NHA Annual Conference, International Marine Renewable Energy Conference (IMREC) or the Marine Energy Technology Symposium (METS) from outside the U.S., we suggest you build in ample time before your planned travel date to obtain necessary documentation.  For information on requirements for entering the United States, please visit:

Please note that residents of certain countries will need a non-immigrant B-1 visa to be authorized for a temporary business visit.  Residents of countries for which the visa requirement is waived will need to obtain a travel authorization via the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. For more information, please visit:


To help you secure a travel visa, the organizers of Waterpower Week in Washington (made up of the NHA Annual Conference, IMREC, and METS) will supply you with an official letter of invitation.
The process of receiving a Letter of Invitation involves:

1. Purchasing a registration.  Click Here to register.

2. Complete and return, by 28 March, 2016, a Letter of Invitation Application. Click Here to download the form now.

3. As soon as the registration payment is made and the application submitted, you will receive the official letter of invitation via email as an attachment in PDF format.

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